Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Dogs are Another Year Older

As 2006 is now an hour old, I feel perfectly justified in saying I'm pleased that 2005 is over. I mean, come on...Is it really necessary to have these things last for 365 days? We get the point after 200 usually, 250 certainly. This is why I prefer Webern to those 4 LP Stockhausen marathons. Perhaps MTV (when it meant Music TV) trained me in my early years to accept 3 1/2 minute soundbytes more easily than 4 hours.

Pozzi Escot's Concerto is staring at me from my stand. I'm fairly sure that I angered the two dogs of the house by practicing it yesterday. I've been trying alternate fingerings for some extremely high notes as I would prefer them to come out every time I wish. As it is now, I can either work on those sections of the piece and face two irritable schnauzers, or hold off until I fly back to Boston on Monday. I think the skin around my ankles would prefer I wait until Monday.

Here are some questions: How are we using the net as "classical" musicians to help our cause? Are new music groups using the freeflow of information differently than old music groups?


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