Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hodgepodge O' Rambling

Gotta load a crap to say tonight...Wade through it if you must. Some good, some Yanni. (Yanni is means something along the lines of "not good.")

I spent 14 hours in the same damned building today. That's entirely too much time in one place. I went just long enough to eat a little lunch and be thoroughly befuddled while analyzing Carter. Otherwise, I spent the majority of the day attending performances and practicing.

First, the performances: a cello recital and a piano recital. In both, there was some truly beautiful playing. In the cello recital, I never once thought about the technique involved with playing that wonderful instrument. That's what I want. I don't want to wonder if they're going to hit a note or finish the upbow too early. Instead, I got a damned fine concert. Sadly, I felt the day and resisted consuming libations with the well-deserved performer. I'm sure that he'll partake in my portion.

My Own Practicing: How can the clarinet feel like a foreign object one day and okay the day before? Accountants don't go to their ledgers and find that the numbers don't feel like adding up today. What the hell is that? (My Italian friends tell me that a good accountant is truly an artist, especially if he paints the IRS out of the picture.) Does Lance Armstrong forget how to ride a bike some days? Is it disturbing that I equate these different professions with our art?

On another note: What the hell is wrong with us clarinet players? How come I think about almost nothing but technique in clarinet recitals? It's pretty much the same with most of the orchestral wind section. Where are the colors? Where's the damned music with us wind players?Everyone I know is so damned worried about getting a job and learning those orchestral excerpts. I'm worried about keeping up with those excerpts. How many fantastic cellists do you know that worry all day about excerpts? Would they have managed to become fantastic musicians had they bothered so much with these 12 bar excerpts?

God, I hate excerpts. Can you tell?...I'm pretty sure that the audition system as it exists now is the best available, but it's not about being a great musician until the final rounds. Gotta be a good little, unremarkable (don't want to offend anyone) robot until then.

Comments, folks? I'm actively encouraging people to leave notes. In fact, someone who lives very close to me visited last night via Comcast. The interwebonets not quite anonymous anymore, is it?

Sometimes people forget my last name. It's days like this that I actively encourage conspiracy theories.


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